“They tried to cure me of being gay”

29 04 2007

At 27, Christine Bakke threw herself into “ex-gay” therapy offered by Christian churches. Now she’s coming out as one of the first women willing to discuss these controversial programs—and why they didn’t work. Read Christine’s story and then interact with her in the comments section.
By Stephen Fried

Christine Bakke walks into a church in suburban Denver, a long, low building that used to be a supermarket. It’s closed, but the 35-year-old graphic designer, whose wide smile and quick wit have always opened doors, tells the security guard that she is a former congregant and just wants to see the old place again.

He lets us into the hangar-size sanctuary, and Christine strides up front to a stage, then stops. “This is where it happened,” she says, no longer smiling. “And after it was over, this is where I was on the floor crying.”




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