Preview of Soon To Be Released Movie – Call Me Troy

28 04 2007

Troy Perry is the Charismatic and Controversial Founder of the worlds largest Gay Affirming Pentecostal Denomination with thousands of church congregations world wide. In the spring of 2007 Tagoidia Pictures is releasing a new motion picture tiltles “CAll Me Troy” – The Life And Legacy Of Bishop Troy Perry. Enjoy This Preview Clip

Never, in the modern history of the Gay Community,
has there been a more remarkable and charismatic hero.
Call Me Troy is the new documentary film about the life and times of one of the Gay community’s most visible and tenacious advocates for change, The Reverend Troy Perry.

Raised in Tallahassee, Florida, the son of a bootlegger, he was a young, fiercely spiritual Pentecostal minister. Even as a youngster, serving God was the path that Troy was certain to follow. It was his passion and his life. As a teenager a close relative abused him and self-preservation forced him to leave his home, his mother and his brothers. Living with his Aunt Lizzy, the snake handler, he continued to follow his calling to the Lord and at the age of 15 was ministering to his own congregation in rural Georgia.

It was here that Troy discovered the truth of his sexuality and as a result, he became conflicted between his devotion to God and his natural sexual inclinations. He tried to conceal his true feelings to the world and to himself, but he couldn’t hide from the Lord. He married and had two sons before he could finally admit to himself that he was indeed Gay and nothing on earth or in Heaven could change that. He separated from his wife and children.

Newly single and living in Los Angeles, Troy succumbed to the temptations of his new found freedom. For a time, his spirituality waned as he explored this new part of his life. He met and fell in love with a man that was in many ways unavailable and Troy was devastated. There was also the ongoing conflict between what he felt was his home in the pulpit and the messages being sent forth by “the church”. Troy wanted badly to preach the Gospel, but discovered that as a gay man, he not welcome in traditional houses of worship.

It was here, at the lowest place in his life, that he realized that God loved him as he loved all His creatures and if that were the case, he loved all Gay people. He found his new calling and established the Metropolitan Community Church in his home giving Gays and Lesbians a place to seek spirituality for themselves. Since it’s formation, MCC has grown to over 300 congregations in 22 countries worldwide. Troy has been on the front lines, leading the charge for equal rights and protections for Gay Men and Lesbians the world over as well as providing a place for all people (Gay and Straight) to worship and to be of service. This film celebrates his life and his legacy

Call Me Troy documents the amazing life of Rev. Perry utilizing first hand accounts of the men and women who’s lives have been touched him, as well as rare photos and archival footage of his mission to make the world a more loving and tolerant place for all. This is indeed an inspirational story about a truly inspirational man.

From Tragoidia Moving Pictures
Coming Spring 2007



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